IR Lights



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 We have a variety of IR Light Sources

  • LED - Efficient, small
  • Hot Filament  - Small to extremely powerful
  • Chemical - Cold, efficient, disposable



Depending on your needs, we have IR light sources as small as a pen that run for over 10 hours, IR light sources that can light up objects a mile away and IR light sources that can be used as trail markers, surveillance tags and law enforcement purposes.


How far can I see with an IR light?

A common question we get is, " I am interested in your IR light, how far can I see with it?"  

  • You need IR sensitive equipment to see IR light.  Your unaided eye cannot see our IR lights.  IR sensitive equipment may be a camcorder with NiteShot, IR digital camera, IR film camera, Night Vision equipment or any device capable of seeing near-IR light.
  • IR sensitive devices vary widely in sensitivity.  There is a huge difference between a camcorder with NiteShot and a generation IV Night Vision scope.  An IR light that is good for 15 feet with a camcorder might be good for 300 with a highly sensitive scope.

Thus, there is no answer on how far you can see without also considering your viewing device.