In our FAQ and EDU section, we have a variety of typically asked questions and educational articles about light, cameras, filters, customers, who we are and other miscellaneous information that doesn't quite fit elsewhere in the site.

We started out of a basement workshop in 1996 and have steadily grown.  We now occupy our own 6,500 square foot commercial building in Carlstadt, New Jersey.  We are privately owned, have never had any debt and have over 700 products that we keep in stock.  We ship thousands of customers annually all over the world.  We have a reputation for being the high quality camera conversion company and experts in solving a variety of photonic problems.  We have worldwide contacts and decades of experience that we can access to help find solutions.  Much of our growth has occurred by listening to our customer's needs and working to provide solutions.

Some of our resources include:

  • Spectrometers with a calibrated light sources and a wide variety of types of fiber optic cables and probes
  • Halogen, Deuterium and Xenon light sources
  • Light integration spheres
  • Ultraviolet, visible and infrared cameras 250 to 1800nm
  • X-Ray generation source
  • Variety of microscopes including a front surface trinocular microscope with infrared video capability
  • Light sources that can be tuned for both frequency and bandwidth
  • Class 100 clean room environment
  • Tool room with surface grinder, milling machine, lathe, welders including wire, stick, gas, spot and plasma types
  • 5 micron gold wire bonding machine
  • Optical workstation
  • 3-D printers
  • Liquid crystal tunable filters
  • Shutter controllers and drivers
  • Library of dyes, inks and phosphors from over 20 years experience
  • Ionically colored and vapor deposition coated longpass, shortpass, bandpass and notch filters
  • Custom designed filters
  • Chemistry tools such as centrifuges, high precision scales and vacuum oven
  • 30 watt water cooled carbon dioxide laser cutting computer
  • Pad printer
  • Dynamometer and gas analyzer