We have a selection of batteries for our most popular flashlights.


Lithium Ion Rechargeable 18650


Fits our Forensic Quality series flashlights

3000 mAh

3.7 Volts


Lithium Ion Rechargeable 14.4V

Fits our XNiteFlashBFL series flashlights

6.6 Amp Hour


AAAA Alkaline Batteries

Fits our FlashUV1, FlashUV2, FlashUV3, FlashUV4 and Precision LED Flashlights


AA Lithium Battery

Fits our 5LED and TwinTask Flashlights


BR435 Mini Pin Battery

Fits our LEDMn  and LEDSm series flashlights


CR123A Lithium Battery

Fits our 16LED series flashlights