Light Sources

We have a wide variety of light sources that fit many different specialized needs.

254nm to 1550nm

  • Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared
  • Camera Flashes, Flashlights, Light Curing Guns and Illuminators
  • Low Powered Precision Calibrated Lights to High Powered Lights
  • Battery and A/C Powered
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Collimated and Un-Collimated

Light sources can be used for such things as

  • Fluorescence Applications
  • Surveillance
  • Scientific Applications
  • Art and Antiquity Analysis
  • Medical Applications
  • Night Vision Devices

1 Milliwatt To 10,000,000 Candle Power


We have unusual and highly prized flashlights available in LED and Krypton bulb formats with light outputs from invisible Ultraviolet (UV) through Visible ranges and up into Infrared (IR) regions.

In the visible range, we offer Ultra-Bright LED super high-efficiency penlights in Bright White, Bright Green (560nm) and Bright Blue (470nm).  These lights are so powerful, they easily light up a room from over 30 feet away at night.  Looking directly in the LED will leave you seeing spots as if you looked at a flashbulb.  

Ultraviolet (UV) - under 400nm

  • We have 375nm and 254nm ultraviolet lights using tube and LED lighting elements.  The 375nm UV lights, sometimes called Black Lights,  will fluoresce, or light-up, typical fluorescent paints, powders, etc.
  • The 254nm ultraviolet lights will fluoresce some minerals and other unusual materials.  The 254nm light is also a Germicidal Light which means that the light is dangerous to all living things including humans, bacteria, viruses, etc.  Appropriate precautions should be taken including UV blocking glasses and avoiding skin illumination
  • We have a high powered 35/50W HID 350-400nm light.

Visible - between 400nm to 700nm

  • We have a variety of extremely bright LED lights in anodized aluminum penlight and key-chain cases.
  • Our 2 million candle power rechargeable light is one of the brightest and best values when you need a really powerful beam.
  • Our 35/50W HID visible Lithium Ion light is one of the brightest and lightest HID units in the world
  • Our 10 million candle power light is a custom made, HID, portable light source with an 8 hour continuous runtime. 

Infrared - over 700nm

  • IR LED Penlights - Small, pocket IR light
  • IR small handheld lights - Water resistant, light weight, impact resistant.
  • 2 million candle power IR light - 1000nm light that is virtually invisible.  So powerful you can feel the heat from the beam from 10 feet away.






Power Type Model Notes
365-450-500   1.0w LED XNiteFLashF-365-450-500-1W Tri-Frequency Individually Controlled, Collimated, Focusing


  1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-450-550-625-1W Tri-Frequency Individually Controlled, Collimated, Focusing


  1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-365-450-800-1W Tri-Frequency Individually Controlled, Collimated, Focusing


  1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-800-900-980-1W Tri-Frequency Individually Controlled, Collimated, Focusing
254nm Filtered   4.0w Tube FlashUV7 Eye Hazard!
254nm Un-Filtered   4.0w Tube FlashUV5 Eye Hazard!
255nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-255-3W Eye Hazard!
265nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-265-3W Eye Hazard!
275nm   0.2w LED XNiteFlashF-275-0.2W Eye Hazard!
275nm   3/0W LED XNiteFlashF-275-3W Eye Hazard
275nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-275-1W Eye Hazard
310nm   0.2w LED XNiteFlashF-310-0.2W  
310nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-310-1W  
365nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-365-1W Collimated, Focusing
365nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-365-3W Collimated, Focusing
365nm   4.0w Tube FlashUV6  
365nm   4.0w Tube FlashUV8 Suction Cups
365nm   2.0w LED FlashUV3 10 Degree Beam
365mn   2.0w LED FlashUV4 110 Degree Beam
365nm   2.0w Tube FlashUV14 Magnifying Glass
365nm   6.0w LED UVCureMXLED Curing / Light Guide
365nm   100w Halogen UVCureMX Curing / Light Guide
365nm   100w LED UVCure100Watt365nm Curing
365nm    35w/50w HID XNiteFlashBFLUV HID, Rechargeable
365nm   Flash Flash Tube XNiteCanon580-UV Camera Flash
365nm   Flash Flash Tube XNiteNikonSB910-UV Camera Flash
365nm   160w Fluorescent UVPanel160W Panel UV Light
365nm   50w LED XNiteUVFlood50W-365nm 100-240 VAC
368nm 368nm 4,861uW LED Flash368-10 10 Degree, Precision
368nm 368nm 5.135uW KED Flash368-110 110 Degree, Precision
375nm   0.2w LED FlashUV1 110 Degree Beam
375nm   0.2w LED FlashUV3 10 Degree Beam
375nm   0.2w LED LEDMn375  Sub-Mini
375nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF375-1W  
378nm 378nm 44,619uW LED Flash378-20 20 Degree, Precision
380nm   50w LED XNiteFlood50W-380 100-240 VAC
380nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-380-1W Collimated, Focusing
380nm 380nm 5,618uW LED Flash380-10 10 Degree, Precision
382nm 382nm 3,400uW LED Flash382-110 110 Degree, Precision
385nm   100w LED UVCure100 Curing
385nm   1.ow LED XNiteFlashF385-1W Collimated, Focusing
395nm   100w LED UVCure100Watt395nm Curing
395nm   0.38w LED FlashFRN-395-1W Collimated, Focusing
400nm    0.2w LED LEDMn400  Sub-Mini
400nm   3.0w LED XNiteFlashF-400-3W Collimated Focusing
405nm    4,000mcd LED 5LED405 Machined Flashlight
420nm   1W LED XNiteFlashF-420-1W Collimated, Focusing
424nm 424nm 741uW LED Flash424-40 40 Degree, Precision
450nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-450-3W Collimated, Focusing
459-597nm 459-597nm 4,600uW LED Flash459-597-20 20 Degree, Precision
460-600nm 460-600nm 725uW LED Flash460-600-20 20 Degree, Precision
460nm   1w LED XNiteFlashF-460-1W Collimated, Focusing
462nm 462nm 5,427uW LED Flash462-30 30 Degree, Precision
464nm 464nm 31,484uW LED Flash464-20 20 Degree, Precision
467nm 467nm 47,320uW LED Flash467-15 15 Degree, Precision
467-552nm 467-522nm 4,370uW LED Flash467-522-20 20 Degree, Precision
470nm   0.35w LED FlashFRN-470 Collimated, Focusing
480nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-480-1W Collimated, Focusing
480-525nm 480-525nm 11,800uW LED Flash480-525-20 20 Degree, Precision
505nm   0.17w LED FlashFRN-505 Collimated, Focusing
516nm 516nm 2,078uW LED Flash516-30 30 Degree, Precision
518nm 518nm 48,780uW LED Flash518-30 30 Degree, Precision
520nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-520-1W Collimated, Focusing
520nm 520nm 15,457uW LED Flash520-35 35 Degree, Precision
522nm 522nm 5,140uW LED Flash522-20 20 Degree, Precision
530nm   0.15w LED FlashFRN-530 Collimated, Focusing
540nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-540-1W Collimated, Focusing
580nm   12.0w LED XNiteFlashF-580-1W Collimated, Focusing
584nm 584nm 950uW LED Flash584-20 20 Degree, Precision
586nm 586nm 57uW LED F;ash586-20 20 Degree, Precision
590nm   0.05w LED FlashFRN-590 Collimated, Focusing
595nm 595nm 2,340uW LED Flash595-6 6 Degree, Precision
600nm   12.0w LED XNiteFlashF-600-1W Collimated, Focusing
600nm 600nm 850uW LED Flash600-15 15 Degree, Precision
602nm 602nm 3,370uW LED Flash602-20 20 Degree, Precision
607nm 607nm 590uW LED Flash607-10 10 Degree, Precision
612nm 612nm 400uW LED Flash612-40 40 Degree, Precision
620nm   12.0w LED XNiteFlashF-620-1W Collimated, Focusing
625nm   0.32w LED FlashFRN-625 Collimated, Focusing
640nm 640nm 5,000uW LED Flash640-8 8 Degree, Precision
644nm 640nm 37,691uW LED Flash644-20 20 Degree, Precision
648nm 648nm 24,912uW LED Flash648-20 20 Degree, Precision
650nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-650-1W Collimated, Focusing
660nm   0.15w LED FlashFRN-660 Collimated, Focusing
660nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-660-3W Collimated, Focusing
670nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-670-3W Collimated, Focusing
670nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-670-3WDD Collimated, Focusing, Diffuser Disk
700nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-700-1W Collimated, Focusing
715nm 715-1100nm 2.0w Halogen XNiteFlash715 Low cost, Long Pass FIlter
715nm 715-1100nm 50w Halogen XNiteFlash2M715 High Powered, Rechargeable
715nm 715-1100nm Flash Tube XNiteCanon600-715 Camera Flash
715nm 715-1000nm Flash Tube XNiteNikonSB910-715 Camera Flash
740nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-740-1W Collimated, Focusing
750-789nm   5.0w Halogen XNiteICG-Flash ICG Excitation
767nm 700-880nm   Lightstick IRLightStick6 6 inch IR lightstick
767nm 700-800nm   Lightstick IRLightStick15 15 Inch IR Lightstick
780nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-780-1W Collimated, Focusing
780nm 780-1100nm 2.0w Halogen XNiteFlash780 Low Cost, Long Pass Filter
810nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-810-1W Collimated, Focusing
830nm 830-1100nm 2.0w Halogen XNiteFlash830 Low Cost, Long Pass Filter
830nm 830-1100nm 50w Halogen XNiteFlash2M830 High Powered, Rechargeable
850nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-850-1W Collimated, Focusing
850nm 850nm 147 LED's LED LIR850-25 150 Meter, 25 Degree, Sealed
850nm 850m 147 LED's LED LIR850-70 60 Meter, 70 Degree, Sealed
850nm 850-1100nm 2.0w Halogen XNiteFlash850 Low Cost, Long Pass Filter
865nm 865nm 10,000uW LED Flash865-26 26 Degree, Precision
866nm 866nm 60,132uW LED Flash866-6 6 Degree, Precision
880nm 880nm 19,185uW LED Flash880-17 17 Degree, Precision
880nm 880nm 0.5w LED LEDMn880 Mini-Pin Battery Light
880nm 880nm 0.5w LED LEDSm880 Submini-Pin Battery Light
881nm 881nm 28977uW LED Flash881-40 40 Degree, Precision
900nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-900-1W Collimated, Focusing
900nm 900nm 20,145uW LED Flash900-20 20 Degree, Precision
904nm 904nm 14,907uW LED Flash904-18 14 Degree, Precision
920nm   1.0W LED XNiteFlashF-920-1W Collimated, Focusing
940nm 940nm 0.5w LED LedMn940 Mini-Pin Battery Light
940nm 940nm 0.5w LED LedSm940 Submini-Pin Battery Light
940nm 940nm 1w LED 5LED940 5-LED, Machined Housing
940nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-940-1W Collimated, Focusing
940nm 940nm 147 LED's LED LIR940-25 80 Meter, 25 Degree, Sealed
940nm 940nm 147 LED's LED LIR-940-70 45 Meter, 70 Degree, Sealed
943nm 943nm 18,880uW LED Flash943-40 40 Degree, Precision
945nm 945nm 320uW LED Flash945-8 8 Degree, Precision
947nm 947nm 25,806uW LED Flash947-40 40 Degree, Precision
970nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-970-1W Collimated, Focusing
985nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-985-1W Collimated, Focusing
1000nm 1000-1100nm 2.0w Halogen XNiteFlash1000 Low Cost, Long Pass FIlter
1000nm 1000-1100nm 50w Halogen XNiteFlash2M1000 High Powered, Rechargeable
1000nm 1000-1100nm Flash Tube XNiteCanon600-1000 Camera Flash
1000nm 1000-1100nm Flash Tube XNiteNikonSB910-1000 Camera Flash
1010nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-1010-1W Collimated, Focusing
1050nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-1050-1W Collimated, Focusing
1300nm   3.0W LED XNiteFlashF-1300-3W Collimated, Focusing
1550nm   1.0w LED XNiteFlashF-1550-1W Collimated, Focusing
White   10W LED XNiteFlashF-White-10W Collimated, Focusing
White   0.34w LED FlashFRN-White Collimated, Focusing
White   35w/50w HID XNiteFlashBPF HID, Rechargeable
White   43,562uW LED FlashLEdWhite-20 20 Degree, Precision