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Light Sources

We have a wide variety of light sources that fit many different specialized needs.

  • Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared
  • Camera Flashes, Flashlights, Light Curing Guns and Illuminators
  • Low Powered Precision Calibrated Lights to High Powered Lights
  • Battery and A/C Powered
  • Indoor and Outdoor

Light sources can be used for such things as

  • Fluorescence Applications
  • Surveillance
  • Scientific Applications
  • Art and Antiquity Analysis
  • Medical Applications
  • Night Vision Devices

1 Milliwatt To 10,000,000 Candle Power


We have unusual and highly prized flashlights available in LED and Krypton bulb formats with light outputs from invisible Ultraviolet (UV) through Visible ranges and up into Infrared (IR) regions.

In the visible range, we offer Ultra-Bright LED super high-efficiency penlights in Bright White, Bright Green (560nm) and Bright Blue (470nm).  These lights are so powerful, they easily light up a room from over 30 feet away at night.  Looking directly in the LED will leave you seeing spots as if you looked at a flashbulb.  

Ultraviolet (UV) - under 400nm

  • We have 375nm and 254nm ultraviolet lights using tube and LED lighting elements.  The 375nm UV lights, sometimes called Black Lights,  will fluoresce, or light-up, typical fluorescent paints, powders, etc.
  • The 254nm ultraviolet lights will fluoresce some minerals and other unusual materials.  The 254nm light is also a Germicidal Light which means that the light is dangerous to all living things including humans, bacteria, viruses, etc.  Appropriate precautions should be taken including UV blocking glasses and avoiding skin illumination
  • We have a high powered 35/50W HID 350-400nm light.

Visible - between 400nm to 700nm

  • We have a variety of extremely bright LED lights in anodized aluminum penlight and key-chain cases.
  • Our 2 million candle power rechargeable light is one of the brightest and best values when you need a really powerful beam.
  • Our 35/50W HID visible Lithium Ion light is one of the brightest and lightest HID units in the world
  • Our 10 million candle power light is a custom made, HID, portable light source with an 8 hour continuous runtime. 

Infrared - over 700nm

  • IR LED Penlights - Small, pocket IR light
  • IR small handheld lights - Water resistant, light weight, impact resistant.
  • 2 million candle power IR light - 1000nm light that is virtually invisible.  So powerful you can feel the heat from the beam from 10 feet away.