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UV-VIS-IR (Ultraviolet-Visible-Infrared) cameras have their ICF/AA (IR Cut Filter/Anti-Aliasing) removed and replaced with a clear optical window with the same thickness as the original ICF in order to maintain the correct focal plane.  The clear optical window is made of Schott WG280 glass which is clear from 280nm past 1200nm.  For a color camera, the sensor microlenses and CFA (Color Filter Array) will pass light from 360nm to 1100nm.  For a monochrome camera, sensitivity will be from about 300nm to 1100nm, but UV sensitivity will increase by a factor of 6x.

With a UV-VIS-IR camera, you can attach various filters to restrict the camera to seeing particular bands of light.  With our CC1 filter which blocks UV and IR light, the camera can take normal photographs.  With a XNite330 or XNite330C filter, you can take a UV-Only picture.  With an IR long pass or bandpass filter, you can take a picture in the infrared.  We have many different sorts of filters which allow you to decide which particular light frequencies you want the camera to see.

A typical color sensor spectral response is shown below.  Human can see best from about 400nm to 700nm,  Humans can see some light in the infrared but the eye's response is lower as you go higher into the infrared.  


We have many different UV-VIS-IR cameras which you can buy new directly from us and there are 100's of various cameras we can convert if you wish to send one in.  Before sending in a camera for conversion, you should check with us to make sure it is one we are familiar with and to get a price quote.  Different cameras have different complexities to convert so pricing varies.

The cameras we supply are cameras that we buy brand new, take out of the box, convert, test and then put back in the box.  Everything normally supplied with the camera is included when you buy a converted camera from us.  

You may also want to buy filters to use with a UV-VIS-IR camera to restrict the camera to see particular light ranges.  Our XNiteCC1 filter blocks UV and IR light so that the camera just sees visible light allowing you to take a normal picture.  Our IR long pass filters will restrict the camera to just seeing infrared light.  Our UV short pass filters will restrict the camera to just seeing UV light.  We have various bandpass and notch filters as well.  The greatest variety in filters is in our 58mm size.

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We have UV-VIS-IR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, GoPro and Pentax.  We have point and shoot cameras, GoPro types, converted cell phones, DJI gyro controlled, DSLR's, 4/3 cameras, APS and Full Frame cameras.  

With our converted smartphone camera, we include a custom app that can do timed interval shutter control, control front and rear cameras and records data to a text file from the various phone sensors such as time, date, GPS, altitude, ambient light and compass direction.

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Point and Shoot Cameras.  ELPH 130 

 Camera that can be clamped on and controlled by cell phone or operated independently 

4/3 Format APS-C Mirrorless Cameras like the Sony A6000 

 Cell Phone 20 Megapixel Camera with Special App for timed interval shutter control, using front and back cameras and data logging from all camera sensors with each picture 

Action cameras such as GoPro and ProGo.  Small, light at 50 grams, timed interval shutter control, 4K video. 

DJI Zenmuse X3 Camera with 4K Video, 12 Megapixel and Active Electronic Image Stabilization 

 Industrial C-Mount USB Video and Still Cameras with Windows app for still and video capture

DSLR Cameras.  Every current model from Canon, Nikon and Sony along with a variety of other makes.