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Sony A99M II

Sony A77M Mark II

42 Megapixel BSI Monochrome CMOS Sensor

Sony's High End Pro Alpha Mount SLT Camera

Sony A99  II Converted To Monochrome

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  • 42MP BSI CMOS Imaging sensor
  • 399 on-sensor PDAF points + dedicated PDAF sensor with 79 points
  • Dual SD card slots [UHS I]
  • 12fps continuous shooting in Raw with C-AF
  • 4K UHD 100Mbps recording, and 8-bit 4:2:2 4K output over HDMI
  • Picture Profile settings with Log gamma curves
  • 5-axis in body image stabilization
  • Wi-Fi with NFC


Sample Images

To see these images as the RAW, TIFF, and Sharpened Version, you can download them by clicking this link.

Reduced size full picture


100% Crop


Reduced size full picture



100% Crop



Reduced size full picture



100% Crop


For optimal results from a monochrome camera, shoot in RAW and use a processor that understands that the camera sensor is monochrome debayered.  One of the best current processors is Monochrome2DNG fro Iliah Borg who also wrote FastRawViewer and RawDigger.


Some free options are DarkTable and RawTherapee using the monochrome debayer option.



A Mac-only really good processor is Accuraw Monochrome



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