Collimated Flashlights

Precision Forensic LED Handheld Lights with collimated lenses and precise edge to edge even illumination

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9 Watt Filter 365nm light that works up to 150 feet.  Comes with removable tripod mount.


  • Collimated uniform precision beam
  • High quality machined aluminum heavy duty anodized housing
  • Uses Lithium Ion rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 3 Hour Run Time
  • 20,000 hour bulb lifetime
  • 140mm Length x 35mm Width
  • 30cm Work distance beam diameter = 18cm
  • 30cm Work distance beam uniformity > 85%


These lights are the highest quality LED flashlights available.  The flashlight has glass optical collimated lens assembly that focuses the beam into a tight precision circle with a very uniform edge to edge brightness.  With the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, you don't need expensive batteries and will get years of use.  The body is made of machined thick aluminum rather than extruded thin wall tubing like most inexpensive lights. 

Notice the near perfect beam pattern with focused, uniform beam.








Measured Power

Optical Watts

FlashFRN-White White White 0.34 Watt
FlashFRN-395 395nm 396nm 0.38 Watt
FlashFRN-470 470nm 452nm 0.35 Watt
FlashFRN-505 505nm 501nm 0.17 Watt
FlashFRN-530 530nm 517nm 0.15 Watt
FlashFRN-590 590nm 594nm 0.05 Watt
FlashFRN-625 625mn 633nm 0.32 Watt
FlashFRN-660 660nm 659nm 0.15 Watt

Note: Measured power is in Optical Watts of generated light which is not the same thing as Electrical Watts of power used to generate the light.  Electrical Watts will always be higher since there is energy loss converting electricity to photons of light.  Most flashlights sold use the Electrical Watts ratings which doesn't actually tell you how much light is being generated - just how much power is used.

Fingerprint detection with our IRDC6 phosphor, FlashFRN-530 and 525nm long pass filter.


You can click on the measurement page to see detailed specifications on measured light output.  If you click on the light, you will be taken to the item in our online store.

$218.50 each FlashFRN-White: Forensic Quality Flashlight - White
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$241.50 each FlashFRN-395: Forensic Quality Flashlight -395nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-470: Forensic Quality Flashlight -470nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-505: Forensic Quality Flashlight -505nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-530: Forensic Quality Flashlight -530nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-590: Forensic Quality Flashlight -590nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-625: Forensic Quality Flashlight -625nm
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$218.50 each FlashFRN-660: Forensic Quality Flashlight -660nm
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