UV Powder Invisible

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Invisible Ultraviolet Powders

We have a variety of different types of invisible UV powders including long and shortwave fluorescing, soluble and non-soluble, sunlight stable and degradable and various colors.

Longwave - (365nm to 400nm)

  • Non-soluble white powder: UVPN.  Fluoresces White / Blue 
  • Water soluble powder: UVPW - Fluoresces White / Blue

UVPW Chemical structure and Excitation and Emission curves

  • Alcohol soluble powder:  UVPA- Fluoresces White / Blue
  • Xylene & MEK solube powder:  UVPX- Fluoresces White / Blue
  • Acetone soluble powder: UVXPBR - Fluoresces Bright Red  Our brightest powder.
  • Toluene soluble powder: UVXPBB - Fluoresces White / Blue
  • Non-Soluble white powder: UVLWG - Fluoresces Green
  • Non-Soluble white powder UVLWR - Fluoresces Red

Shortwave - (254nm)

  • Non-Soluble white powder: UVSWR.  Fluoresces Red.  Will not fluoresce under a normal black light.  You can see this powder with our FlashUV7 shortwave filtered light.
  • Non-Soluble white powder: UVSWG.  Fluoresces Green.  Will not fluoresce under a normal black light.  You can see this powder with our FlashUV7 shortwave filtered light.

These powders can be used to:

  • Make paints, inks and dyes
  • As an anti-theft invisible tracing powder
  • Hazardous material training substitute
  • Leak tracing


Soluble powder properties:

  • Can be mixed in greater than a 1000 : 1 weight ratio.  For example, 1 gram of of UVPW can be mixed with 1 liter of water.  Resultant mix will appear perfectly clear under normal light, but will be highly fluorescent under black light.
  • Trace amounts sprinkled on a surface will be high visible under black light yet completely invisible under normal light.
  • Additional information on our UVXPBR and UVXPBB powders can be seen on our Ultra-Visibility Powder page.


If you need a highly fluorescent, high stable visible water soluble powder, please look at our UVHG powder.

UVPN Non-Soluble Powder Description

This superfine powder can be used as a pigment in paints, dusted on surfaces or mixed in solution.  UVPN Powder weight is 15 grams.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Invisible when mixed
  • Non-reactive
  • Long term stability
  • Highly Fluorescent


Useful For:

  • Dusting surfaces.   Fingerprint analysis and detection.
  • Theft detection.  Powder transfers easily and invisibly to hands for tracing.
  • Paint or plastic pigments
  • Scientific experiments
  • Finding air leaks and  visualizing air movements