Affordable, Powerful, Compact Hyperspectral Imager

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In 2008, we were the first company to figure out how to re-purpose a consumer for vegetation remote sensing.  We designed the camera so that one camera color channel could see only infrared light where Chlorophyll reflects light while another color channel could see light where Chlorophyll absorbs light.  By using mass market consumer cameras, we were able to dramatically reduce the costs for remote sensing and increase the reliability and functionality.  Previous solutions were custom engineered and subject to the problem of low volume high tech production.

In 2016, we are pleased to introduce a Hyperspectral Imaging solution available at a fraction of the cost of a typical system.  Our system includes

  • Specially modified Canon 5D MK III camera with a 450nm to 880nm hyperspectral sensor
  • Custom software for automatically  creating a data cube from a series of images and allowing user to select spectrum and bandwidth
  • Automatic panning tripod head for scanning a scene
  • Automatic shutter controller for use when auto-panning

Maximum resolution is 5760 x 3840 pixels per image slice which gives each column a 0.08nm bandwidth with a maximum 6 frame per second capture rate. The camera sensor is first converted to monochrome which removes the Color Filter Array (CFA) making each pixel sensitive to all light frequencies.   Then a  Linear Variable Filter (LVF) is installed on the sensor that progresses from 450nm of the left to 880nm on the right.  By converting the camera to monochrome, the sensor and LVF achieve maximum resolution.  Our custom software can create a color image for a monochrome dataset because the software knows what parts of the sensor receive what frequencies of light.



By taking a series of pictures while moving or rotating the camera across a scene, it is possible to capture information that can be used later with our software which automatically creates a data cube.  With our software, the user can quickly extract particular frequencies of interest with user selectable frequency and bandwidth as well as letter the user assign the frequency selection to any visible color channel.

Writing Test Example  On a white piece of paper, we wrote with seven different black and blue writing pens.  Different inks often use different pigments, and by analyzing the inks at various frequencies, we can identify various characteristics.  For instance, two inks may both look black to the human eye, but look different when viewed at a particular wavelength.  We took 32 pictures while the camera slowly moved on a motorized horizontal track.


One of 32 images




Extracting various wavelegths with a 25nm bandwidth.

All the ink pens are visible at 550nm.  At 750nm, two of the inks are no longer visible.  At 825nm, only one of the ink pens can be seen.

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Here is a quick demo of the hyperspectral camera software: