Mono Striped

For fun, we decided to progressively remove the microlenses and Color Filter Array (CFA) from an image sensor in 6 bands.  Camera stock IR Cut Fitler (ICF) and Anti-Aliasing (AA) filters were removed and a clear glass WG280 window of the same thickness was installed.  Pictures were taken with a stock Canon lens and you can see the visible to IR focal shift.


The Canon T2i striped sensor before putting it back in the camera.  The left side is monochrome and the right side is stock color.



The microlenses are on top of the CFA so at first, the microlenses are removed and later the CFA is removed.


Image from the camera is reversed with monochrome on the right and color on the left. 


Since camera is a UV-VIS-IR and no filter is used, picture in sunlight shows UV, Visible and IR light mixed together.


Oil painting