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IR Flashlights Small

Halogen Aluminum Housing Infrared Flashlights

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  • Uses two peices of 16340 rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • High output halagen bulb
  • Rugged anodized aluminum housing

These flashlights use a high output halogen bulb which emits a broad range of IR light as opposed to a narrow bandwidth LED light source.  The flashlights use two 16340 rechargeable lithium ion batteries.  The higher the IR wavelength, the more invisible the light, but you also get less range.  You should use the lowest IR wavelength for your application so that you get the greatest range.

Model Visible Light Emitted Starting Transmission 10%
XNiteFlash715 Cherry Red Glow  710nm
XNiteFlash780 Dull Cherry Glow  750nm
XNiteFlash830  Barely Visible  800nm
XNiteFlash850  Not Visible  825nm
XNiteFlash1000  Not Visible  875nm


16340 Lithium Ion Batteries



16340 Lithium Ion Battery Charger