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IR Samples

User from New Zealand using a XNite 1000nm filter

User from Texas using our modified digital camera and XNite filters


Check out how our filters can change an ordinary shot into a dramatic image here.




IR Filter Comparisons


Following are pictures taken with a UV-VIS-IR modified DSC-P93. 


No filter.  Camera is seeing both color and infrared images simultaneously.


XNiteCC1 filter which blocks infrared.  Camera is seeing only visible portion of light.



XNite715 Filter.  Camera is seeing 715nm to 1100nm.


XNite780 Filter.  Camera is seeing 780nm to 1100nm


XNiteXDP Filter.  Camera is seeing various infrared bands.


XNite330 Filter.  Camera is seeing from 330nm to 400nm + a slight peak at 725nm.


XNiteBP1 Filter.  Camera is seeing visible light + infrared past 950nm.