UV Cameras

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New - Small, Low Cost USB 2.0 camera compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, Android and Wince.


Comparison of stock RGB camera versus monochrome UV-Only camera and UV-Only flash.  Half of face has sunscreen.

Equipment Setup

- Canon 6D modified for monochrome UV-VIS-IR

- Canon 18-55 EFS camera lens

- Canon 580EX-RT flash modified for UV-Only

- XNite330C 58mm Diameter UV short pass filter

- XNiteBP1 58mm Diameter IR blocking / UV pass filter

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Comparison of a RGB sensor with a UV shortpass and IR blocking filter versus normal RGB. camera.  A monochrome UV-Only camera will be about 6x more sensitive to light compared to a RGB monochrome sensor.  For shooting UV pictures in sunlight, you should use both the XNite330C and XNiteBP1 filter stacked together.  Stacking both filters together substantially eliminates IR leakage.l

Using our proprietary technique for removing the Color Filter Array (CFA) or Bayer Array from the surface of a camera sensor and by utilizing a special coated UV filter, we have created the world's first UV-Only digital SLR without the UV-blocking CFA. LDP is the only company in the world with the ability to remove the CFA from a camera sensor with near perfect, edge to edge precision.

By removing the CFA, the UV sensitivity is increased by a factor of 6x and resolution is increased dramatically.  Since the SLR camera can also take HD video, you can use the monochrome camera for both high resolution UV pictures and 1080P HD UV video. Previously, the typical method for capture UV video was using something like the Sony XC-EU50 C-Mount video camera which only outputs at standard definition.

UV Landscape Picture

The LDP LLC monochrome UV-Only cameras make it possible to quickly scan an area for UV information using the Live View feature on the LCD camera display, see through the lens normally, take high resolution UV pictures and take UV HD video all in one convenient unit priced at much less than other UV cameras.

Applications include:

  • Forensics
  • Art Conservation
  • Security Applications
  • Surface Inspection
  • UV Photolithography
  • Dentistry
  • Pathology
  • Dermatology
  • UV laser and diode visualization and profiling

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UV picture of the sun using a monochrome camera.  Composite using 3 different filters and then color mapping the filters.  To learn more about the technique used, click here.


One of our customers, Thomas Leveritt, created this video using one of our monochrome cameras.  The video went viral on Youtube with over 15 million views and was picked up by major media outlets worldwide.  The video was shot in a New York city park using a combination of a stock and modified Canon cameras and stock lenses.  Most stock lenses can pass UV to about 360nm.  A specially designed lens that can see in the UV, such as some Jenoptik lenses, offer even higher performance.  If you are looking for an indoor system to test for skin damage, please see our UV Explorer which is a complete system including a USB  UV-Only monochrome camera, UV illuminator and computer software for viewing and saving images.