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Firmware Option

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We have an optional Firmware for the small Canon point and shoot cameras.  This upgrade will be mostly of interest for those who want to add a timed interval shutter release function to the camera.  This software is called CHDK and you can download it for free if you do a search for it.  We have the software preconfigured for the camera on a 2GB card with the interval shooting scripts installed. 


The firmware is only loaded when the card is installed in the camera and the camera is turned on.  As soon as you turn the camera off, the camera goes back to its stock state. For this reason, it is important that you don't format the card!  Erasing the pictures on the card is fine, but you don't want to format the card which will erase the firmware upgrade.


When you buy the firmware from us, we will email you a manual which is a rather extensive 70 page tutorial on all the features of the firmware upgrade.  Some of these features include:


bullet RAW file
bullet Zebra settings
bullet Live Histogram Parameters
bullet OSD Parameters
bullet USB Remote Control
bullet Bracketing
bullet Depth of Field Calculator
bullet Ultra Long Exposures to 64 Seconds
bullet Ultra Short Exposures to 1/64,000 Second
bullet Ultra-Fast Shutter Speeds to 1/10,000 Second
bullet Scripting Support
bullet Motion Detection Shutter Control (Can capture Lightening Strikes)