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Pro IR Illuminators

 Pro IR Illuminators



LIR850-25: 150 Meter 850nm 25 Degree Beam
LIR850-70: 60 Meter 850nm 70 Degree Beam
LIR940-25: 80 Meter 940nm 25 Degree Beam
LIR940-70: 45 Meter 940nm 70 Degree Beam





  • IP66 aluminum professional housing
  • High efficiency heat evaporating structure
  • Built-in 147 PCs high power infrared LED's
  • Special design circuit to prolong LED’s life span
  • IR effective degrees: 25° or 70°
  • IR effective distance: Up to 150M(outdoor)
  • Dual power input: AC24V; DC12V
  • AC 100-240V to DC12V powersupply included



We have 850nm and 940nm variations of our Pro Series IR illuminators.  The 850nm will emit a very faint red glow while the 940nm will not.  However, the 940nm LED's have about 1/2 the power and IR sensitive cameras are not as sensitive at 940nm.  If you absolutely need a covert light source, then you should use a 940nm unit, but a 850nm unit will give better illumination.

The lights are also available with either 25 degree  or 70 degree beams.  A 25 degree beam is a more focused spotlight beam while the 70 degree beam is an IR floodlight.  The spotlight beams will shine farther while the floodlights will illuminate a large area directly in front of the unit.



 Product Specifications




$375.00 each
LIR850-25: Professional 150 Meter Long Range 850nm 25 Deg Beam
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$375.00 each
LIR850-70: Professional 60 Meter Long Range 850nm 70 Deg Beam
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$375.00 each
LIR940-25: Professional 80 Meter Long Range 940nm 25 Deg Beam
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$375.00 each
LIR940-70: Professional 45 Meter Long Range 940nm 70 Deg Beam
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We have the 850nm 25 degree version also available with a professional Color IR camera mounted inside.