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IR Laser Illuminator

IRLAS1: Long Distance IR Laser Illuminator

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  • 810nm infrared Laser 
  • 12 VDC @ 0.14 Amps
  • 1.7 Watts
  • Optical Power: 8.1 Watts
  • Beam Spread: 25 Degrees
  • 1/4-20 Tripod Mount
  • Lithium Ion 1800 mAh Power Supply
  • 100-240 VAC Switching Recharger Adapter

Custom made infrared long distance illuminator using very efficient laser diodes.  The range will depend on your infrared viewing device, but this illuminator has a powerful and focused beam.  Built in diffusion lens to spread and focus infrared beam.  Unit can be mounted on a standard camera tripod.  Illuminator can be removed for power supply bracket if desired.