ELPH 300 Examples




Following are examples of unprocessed photographs comparing a stock Canon ELPH300 camera to our NDVI version.  


Keep in mind that for the ELPH300NDVI camera, the color channels are mapped where


bullet Red = Near Infared
bullet Green = Visible Green Light
bullet Blue = Visible Blue Light


Processed images were created with ImageJ and our custom aNDVI7_MKII macro which maps NDVI values to various colors where


bullet Green is highest NDVI value
bullet Yellow is under green
bullet Red is under yelllow
bullet Purple is under red
bullet Black is under purple


NDVI calculation is a modified version of the traditional NDVI calculation which we call Enhanced NDVI or ENDVI.  For this example, we used:


ENDVI = (Red + Green) - (2 * Blue )) / ((Red + Green) + (2*Blue))


The reason for this is that both the Red (Infrared light) and Green (Visible Green) should reflect light for a healthy plant.  Blue is normally absorbed by a healthy plant.  By summing the Red (Infrared) and Green channels together, we get a better signal than when just using the infrared signal alone.






Stock Canon ELPH300 Camera

MaxMax XNiteCanonELPH300NDVI

Image Procesed