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UV Magnifier


Model: FlashUV14

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Magnifier with 365nm Ultraviolet Light




Examine documents, stamps, maps, tiny images and small details with this UV inspection magnifying glass.  With a built in UV light, this device makes it easy to closely inspect a surface.



365nm Ultraviolet (Blacklight) Fluorescent Bulb

  • F3.5 T5/BLB Long Life Bulb
  • 3 inch x 1.75 inch Magnifying Area
  • On/Off Switch
  • Articulating Handle
  • Protective Case for Magnifier
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries - not included









Here are some examples of the FlashUV14 in use.  Notice on a $100.00 US bill, there is a red fluorescent stripe while there is a blue stripe on a $5.00 US bill.  Many stamps have UV markings on them after cancellation and certified red postage meter ink is fluorescent red.