UV Magnifier


Model: FlashUV14

$38.02 each FlashUV14 365nm UV Light and Magnifier with Articulating Handle Add to cart

Magnifier with 365nm Ultraviolet Light




Examine documents, stamps, maps, tiny images and small details with this UV inspection magnifying glass.  With a built in UV light, this device makes it easy to closely inspect a surface.



365nm Ultraviolet (Blacklight) Fluorescent Bulb

  • F3.5 T5/BLB Long Life Bulb
  • 3 inch x 1.75 inch Magnifying Area
  • On/Off Switch
  • Articulating Handle
  • Protective Case for Magnifier
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries - not included









Here are some examples of the FlashUV14 in use.  Notice on a $100.00 US bill, there is a red fluorescent stripe while there is a blue stripe on a $5.00 US bill.  Many stamps have UV markings on them after cancellation and certified red postage meter ink is fluorescent red.