Comparison of filters

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XNiteBP450, XNiteBP525 and XNiteBP625 are visible bandpass filters with the center frequencies located at the center of the same frequencies as a digital camera's RGB sensor.  However, unlike the camera's RGB response, these filter do not leak into each other in the visible spectrum.


The XNiteBP450, XNiteBP525 and XNiteBP625 do open in the infrared spectrum above 825nm.  Because of this, if you will be using a camera that sees both visible and infrared light simultaneously, you also use a CC1 filter to block the infrared.  If you are using a stock camera, the infrared frequencies will be blocked by the camera's internal IR Cut Filter.a



330nm Filter                                            Bandpass BP1 Filter




The following sequence of pictures was taken in a 10 minute period with our modified Sony DSC-F717 mounted on a tripod.  You can click on each picture to see a larger version.  Without any filter, our modified DSC-F717 camera sees UV, visible and IR light simultaneously.  

All pictures are original, un-retouched, un-adjusted shots exactly as the camera took them.  You can click on the images to see a higher 640 x 480 resolution version.  Camera was set to 640 x 480 resolution to keep images from becoming too large.

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  No Filter.  Modified camera sees UV, Visible and IR light simultaneously.

  X-NiteCC1 Filter.  Block Infrared and UV.  Shifts color to CCD normal range.

 X-Nite330 Filter.  330nm Ultraviolet shot. Primarily UV with a slight IR peak at 720nm.

 X-Nite630 Filter.  630nm High-Red filter.  Allows 630nm through infrared.

 X-Nite665 Filter.  665nm High-Red filter.  Allows 665nm through 1200nm infrared.

 X-Nite715 Filter.  715nm infrared filter.  Allows 715nm through 1200nm infrared.

 X-Nite780 Filter.  780nm infrared filter.  Allows 780nm through 1200nm infrared

 X-Nite830 Filter.  830nm infrared filter.  Allows 830nm through 1200nm infrared

 X-Nite1000 Filter.  1000nm infrared filter.  Allows 1000nm through 1200nm infrared.

 X-Nite XDP Filter.  High resolution infrared filter.