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We offer many different types of modified camera and have been modifying cameras since 1997.  We have a typical 1-2 day turn around from receipt and are acknowledged to be the finest and most skilled shop worldwide.

Camera conversions involve taking the camera apart, removing the Infrared Cut Filter (ICF), AntiAliasing (AA or  OLPF) filter and installing a new optical window.  For our monochrome conversions, we also remove the sensor coverglass, microlenses and the Color Filter Array (CFA) from the surface of the sensor.  We are the only shop in the world capable of removing the CFA with near perfect edge to edge precision.

Some of the conversion we offer include:

  • IR-Only: Multiple IR frequency options depending on the camera.  Auto Focus is corrected for the typical IR lens focal shift. 
  • UV-VIS-IR: The ICF/AA filter stack is removed and replaced with a clear optical window to keep the correct focal point.
  • HR: ICF/AA is removed and replaced with a new ICF-Only having the same thickness as the original filter stack to preserve correct focus.
  • UV-Only: The ICF/AA filter stack is removed and replaced with a UV-pass/Visible and IR blocking filter.
  • Monochrome: The ICF/AA filter stack is remove, sensor coverglass, microlenses and CFA.  We have a variety of options for how the camera is put back together.
  • UV-Only Monochrome: Monochrome conversion is performed, sensor is resealed and a UV-Only pass filter is installed.  A monochrome UV-Only camera will have 6x the sensitivity of a stock camera.
  • Remote Sensing Vegetation Stress NDVI Cameras:  Cameras can be converted in Blue-Green-NIR 680nm to 800nm, Green-Red-NIR 800-900nm, and 2-camera 5-Band systems that see Blue-Green-Red-NIR 680nm to 800nm and 800 to 900nm.  We have special software, Remote Sensing Explorer (RSE) that is available to our remote sensing customers at a discounted priced.  RSE will automatically align and register images from 2 cameras and create a 5-layer data stack.  Cameras can be used for sensing vegetation stress, variable rate seeding, estimating biomass, sensing different vegetation types, identifying and estimating algae bloom and fertilizer use optimization.  RSE can output to a binary file for feeding further subsystems.
  • H-Alpha: The ICF/AA stack is removed an a hydrogen-alpha filter is installed that pass visible light up to 656nm and then blocks the rest of IR.  H-Alpha filters allow cameras to see the light emitted by hydrogen burning stars much better than stock.  For even better performance, consider an H-Alpha monochrome so that all the pixels on the sensor can see 656nm light rather than just the red pixels.
  • Scratched Sensor Glass Replacements: Most camera companies now require you to buy a new sensor if you scratch your ICF/AA.  We can replace your scratch ICF/AA.  Consider getting an HR conversion as the price is the same and performance will be improved over stock.

 We have extensive experience modifying DLSR's cameras, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, bullet cameras, board cameras and industrial USB cameras.

Camera uses include:

  • Fine Arts and Landscape Photography
  • Remote Sensing Vegetation
  • Forensics
  • Surveillance
  • Scientific and Research Applications
  • Identifying skin damage

If you have a particular camera model that you would like us to modify, please contact us to see if it is one we have done.  While we can do many different types of modifications, not all modifications are offered for each type and pricing varies.

UV picture of the sun

We have a wide variety of equipment to analyze and work on cameras, filters, lights, phosphors, etc, including a Class 100 clean room environment, microscopes, spectrometers, light integration spheres, variable frequency forensic light sources, fiber optics probes, special cleaning  equipment and much more acquired over the 20 years we have been in business.  Keep in mind that there is a big difference between a specialized company like us working in a 6,500 square foot commercial building with extensive equipment and experience and someone who builds a nice looking website, but is converting camera on their kitchen table with incorrect, unclean glass.

Here is a picture of our optical workstation were we measure camera spectral response, filter transmission, light emission, reflectance and absortion, light integration power measurements and such.