XNiteDet2: Forensic Magnifier and Inspection Camera

$585.54 each

XNiteDet2: Spectral Luminescence Magnifier and Inspection Camera

 - 30X Low Distortion, Achromatic Magnifying Lens

- 640 x 480 Pixel Camera Sensitive to Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, and Infrared (IR) Light

- Diffuse White Light, White Side Light and 90 Degree Intercrossed White Light Mode

- 254nm UV Shortwave Light Source

- 365nm UV Longwave Light Source

- 470nm Blue LED Light Source

- 850nm IR LED Light Source

- 940nm IR LED Light Source

- 850/940nm Crossed IR LED Light Souce

- 980nm IR Anti-Stoke Laser Light Source

- Portable, Small and handheld

- USB Power (requires high powered USB Port)

- Shows up on computer as a video device

- Any software that can see something like a webcam can also see this camera

- For Android, you can use the free software CameraFi to view and save pictures.  May require adapter cable.

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