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Depending on payment method, we charge a processing fee which reflects our cost for processing a transaction.

Credit (Visa or MasterCard Only): + 3.5% Fee
PayPal: + 2% Fee paid to Sales@maxmax.com
Wire Transfer: +$20 Wire Receipt Fee
Check/Cash: No Fee

If you want expedited shipping, we can calculate the fees and add to the total.

If paying with a credit card, please enter the information below.
Please note that we don't convert every type of camera and depending on the camera type, we may only offer certain conversions. Not all conversions are the same cost.
Modification Notes:

The most common IR-Only modification is 715nm.

Please check with us to make sure we can perform the conversion you would like before sending in the camera.

Modifications usually take 1 or 2 working days from receipt. If camera is needed urgently, please let us know.

Many DSLR conversions (with the exception of monochrome conversions) are $450 + return S&H of $20 UPS Ground for continental USA + payment method fees. Some camera conversions are more expensive. If you live outside the USA or need expedited shipping, the cost will be higher.

Payment Method Fees relates to our cost to receive payment.
Visa/MasterCard: 3.5%
PayPal: 2.5%
Wire Transfer: $25
Check/Cash: No Fee

Please ship camera following the above instructions to:

220 Broad Street
Carlstadt, NJ 07072

For customer sending from outside the USA: you must mark camera as being sent for REPAIR and check that you are responsible for any dues or customers. Camera should be insured for full value, but Customs Value should be $1,00. While we shouldn't be charged any import tax on your camera, if we get charged an import tax then we will re-bill you. We don't recommend using UPS for international shipments because they are known for charging import taxes even when they should not, and they don't reverse the charge.

Please contact us at sales@maxmax.com or (001) 201-505-1566 between 8:00AM and 4:00PM EST for any questions.

If you would like us to keep a record of your request on file, please click on the Submit button. If you do not press Submit, nothing will be saved.