XNite33025: X-Nite 330nm Filter in 25mm Diameter x 2mm Thick

$120.61 each

330nm UV Pass Filter.

Please note: This filter has about a 10% IR transmission at 720nm.  If you are using this filter with a modified camera in sunlight, the camera will see more IR than UV because cameras are very IR sensitive and not very UV sensitive.  This filter would be good to use indoors with a UV LED light source.  Other types of UV lights source often have IR emission as well.

For sunlight UV pictures, we recommend using our XNite330C filter + XNiteBP1 filter.  The XNite330C filter has additional coating to block IR and the XNiteBP1 provides IR blocking as well.  For UV pictures, a monochrome converted camera will see UV about 6x better than a color UV-VIS-IR sensor because the sensor microlenses and Color Filter Array (CFA) block most of the UV light.  While you can use a typical camera lens for UV, using a special UV capable lens such as one from Jenoptik will work better.

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