DC-IRUCG: Infrared Up-Conversion Detector Card. 948nm-983nm to 552nm

DC-IRUCG 005b Med
DC-IRUCG 005b Medirdc2exciteemit_683361798irucgexciteemission_827566011
$86.25 each

Infrared to visible light detection card.

Non-storage type phosphor (compared to DC-IRSPG) but is not as efficient. 

Non-storage phosphors will continuously emit visible light if sufficient IR light is present.

Typically used with a higher powered IR light source such as a laser or very bright LED.

IR to visible green.

Emission Peaks 548nm, 554nm.

Primary Excitation Peaks: 950nm, 980nm

Additional Excitation Peaks: 1509nm, 1522nm, 1547nm, 1552nm and 1600nm

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