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IRUCB-5G: IR Up-Conversion Phosphor Blue 5 Grams

$43.83 each

Infrared (IR) Up-Conversion Phosphor

948-983nm Absorption (Excitation)

445nm (Blue Light) Emission Peak

Average Particle Size: 1.9 Microns

Phosphor Type: Non-Soluble, Inorganic Ceramic

You can make suspensions/dispersions of inorganic phosphors, but not solutions (i.e. They don't dissolve).  Phosphor is heat stable past 1,500 DegF and sunlight stable.  Not suitable for inkjet printing, but screen printing, offset printing, gravure printing, pad printing and painting are viable methods if equipment is properly setup.  Phosphor can be mixed with a wide variety of clear coatings such as varnishes, shellacs, epoxies, silicone, etc.

Generally, Up-Conversion phosphors are inefficient because it takes multiple low energy IR photons to bump-up the electron orbit of the phosphor to sufficient energy so that when it collapses, it releases a visible photon.  While green IR up-conversion phosphor will work with a high powered IR LED of the correct excitation wavelength, usually IR up-conversion phosphors are detected with an IR laser or IR laser pointer.  Other color IR up-conversion phosphors are more inefficient than green and will require use of an infrared laser.