XNiteUSB2S-MUV: USB 2.0 Megapixel HD Monochrome Camera UV-Only

$245.00 each

Full HD 1920 x 1080P video. 

XNite330C + XNiteBP1 Filter Installed.

With stock lens, camera can see from about 365nm to 380nm.  We can install a quartz lens to allow the camera to see to about 300nm, but the lens is expensive. 

The UV Shortpass filter is mounted on the outside of the lens.  If you remove the lens to install a different lens, you will need to add a UV shortpass filter to that lens.

Using a UV light source over 380nm will not work well if at all because the XNite330C and XNiteBP1 filter pass light from 300nm to 380nm.  Note that with the stock lens, the camera can see to about 365nm. 


NOTE: While the manufacturer of this camera claims it is a monochrome camera, it is actually a color camera where they turned down the color saturation in the firmware.  This means the camera is not as UV sensitive as our 8MP camera where we can remove the Color Filter Array (CFA) and Microlenses which block a lot of the UV light.  While this camera can see UV to a point, this camera is made as a low cost entry level UV camera.  The camera will work best indoors with a UV light source.  Outdoor sunlight, you get enough IR leaking through that you will end up with an IR rather than a UV picture.  Camera should be used indoors with a suitable UV light source.  For various technical reasons, we have not been successful in converting the 2MP to true monochrome.  The 8MP monochrome sees UV much better.


2 Megapixel Still Pictures

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Wince compatible.

Fitted with our XNite330C + XNiteBP1 filter which passes UV light while blocking visible and IR light.

Can be attached to many smartphones

3.6mm Lens

Note #1: You can use this in sunlight where the sun will provide the UV illumination.  Inside, you will need a UV light source such as our UV illuminators.  You cannot use a UV light source over 380nm because the XNite330 + XNiteBP1 filter block light above 380nm.  Please be aware that most UV LED lights advertise a frequency about 15nm lower than reatlity.  Shorter wavelength LED's are more expensive and almost all Chinese UV LED's are mis-rated. 

Note #2: The camera does not come with software.  When you plug the camera into a PC or Mac, the computer will automatically recognize the camera as a video deivce similar to a webcam.  Any software that can display video from a webcam, should also be able to display video from the camera such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Story Remix, Microsoft Photos, Skype, etc.  Connecting to an Android phone is usually possible though you may need an OTG adapter cable depending on your phone model.  For phones, we have used the free software CameraFi2.

Note #3: The 2MP cameras are not true monochrome cameras.  The manufacturer has turned down the color saturation in the firmware.  Thus the camera still has the Color Filter Array (CFA) and microlenses which greatly reduces UV sensitivity.  For much better sensitivity, you should look at the 8MP cameras with the IMX179 module which we can convert to true monochrome which increases UV sensitivity by 6x.







Sensor Size

1/2.7 inch

Pixel Size

3μm x 3μm

image area

5856 μm x 3276 μm

Max. Resolution

FULL HD 1920(H)X1080(V)

Compression format


Resolution & frame

320X240  QVGA  MJPEG @120fps/  352X288 CIF  MJPEG @120fps

640X480  VGA  MJPEG@120fps/   800X600 SVGA  MJPEG@60fps>

1024X768  XGA  MJPEG@30fps/  1280X720  HD   MJPEG@60fps>

1280X1024  SXGA MJPEG@30fps/  1920X1080 FHD  MJPEG@30fps>

Special function

Lens correction/ Defective pixel correction/ Black sun cancellation

Mini illumination

0. 05lux

Shutter Type

Electronic rolling shutter / Frame exposure

USB protocol


Connecting Port type

USB2.0 High Speed

OTG protocol


Free Drive Protocol

USB Video Class(UVC)







Adjustable parameters

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpness, Gamma,
White balance, Backlight Contrast, Exposure

Lens Parameter

Standard 3.6 mm, optional/2.5/2.8/3.6/6mm/FOV(D)187 Degree/170 Degree


UV short pass filter XNite330C + IR blocking filter  XNiteBP1

LED board power connector

Support  2P-2.0mm socket

Power supply

USB BUS POWER  4P-2.0mm socket

Power supply


Operating Voltage


Working current


Working temperature


Board size /Weight

38X38mm(Compatible 32X32mm)/ about 30g


Standard  1M / optional 2M,3M,5M

Operating system request


Linux with UVC(above linux-2.6.26)

MAC-OS X 10.4.8 or later

Wince with UVC

Android 4.0 or above with UVC

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