XNiteFlashF-365-9WCH: XNiteFlashF Housing with a 365nm 9 x 1 Watt UV LED's Cultural Heritage Edition

$684.25 each

XNiteFlashF Series Flashlight with 365nm 9 x 1 Focused Watt UV LED Cultural Heritage Edition

The light is filtered and stop emitting at 390nm

This light also has its internal reflector coated in flat white paint so the beam is a much broader, diffuse beam than the other 365nm 9 Watt lights.  This reduces the distance but makes the light more suitable for analyzing something like an art object where you want diffuse lighting without hotspots.

You can learn more about this light by clicking here.

Detachable Tripod Mount Included

Tripod Included

8 Bay 18650 Smart Battery Charger with 8 Spare Batteries Included

Uses rechargeable 4 x 18650 battery and Batteries are included.

High Quality Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Housing