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RaspPi8MPMonoNoIRLT: Raspberry Pi V2 8MP Camera Module Monochrome No IR Cut Filter Lens Tacked On

$569.25 each

Raspberry Pi V2 8 Megapixel Monochrome Camera Module No IR Lens Tacked

No IR Version

Lens Tacked on for easy removal


You can see more information on this camera by clicking here.


CMOS image sensor Sony IMX219
 Image size : Diagonal 4.60mm (Type 1/4.0)
 Total number of pixels : 3296(H) × 2512(V) approx. 8.28M pixels
 Number of effective pixels : 3296(H) × 2480(V) approx. 8.17M pixels
 Number of active pixels : 3280(H) × 2464(V) approx. 8.08M pixels
 Chip size : 5.095mm (H) × 4.930mm (V) (w/ Scribe)
 Unit cell size : 1.12?m (H) × 1.12?m (V)
 Substrate material : Silicon